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In this section I will provide a list of my ten favorite bands.

BandOriginMy Favorite Song Of TheirsWhat I like about them
Journey San Francisco Any Way You Want It Their combination of elegant guitar solos, tasteful percussion, and powerful tenor vocals (originally provided by Steve Perry) combine to create what I consider to be the best sound of the 1980s.
Green Day Berkeley Hitchin A Ride In my opnion very few bands have retained the style, feel and soul of what rock once was and should be. Green Day not only has preserved that feeling, but propogated it once again into modern pop culture, keeping "fake rock" at bay from taking over the rock world, and keeping it in the "hard rock" or "pop rock" genre.
Billy Joel New York It's Still Rock and Roll To Me Never a critic's favorite, Billy Joel has always had a place in the heart of my family. He just wrote such poetic lyrics to be accompanied by such beautiful music! Where would we be if we did not know the words to We Didn't Start the Fire???
Jason Mraz Virginia Back To The Earth Jason is easily one of the best musicians to ever make it into popular music. Though some of his lyrics can make it to the verge of dirty, he has gotten more and more clean as his career has gone on. His voice is that of angels, and you can tell that his music was forged in the fire of his soul. If you like laid back, good music, Mr. A-Z is your guy.
Jack Johnson Hawaii Breakdown One of the pioneers of modern-laid-back-popular music. Jack has brought an acoustic feel to the reggae world, and the Hawaiian feeling to the world. He also has made a huge impact on his local community!
Queen UK Don't Stop Me Now Come on. You can't beat Freddie Mercury and Brian May together. Queen made both pop music and rock music what they are. Without them, the music industry would be FAR different. This is one of the few bands to not just have a good player or two, but to have a full lineup of musical geniuses.
U2 Ireland Where the Streets Have No Name Debatably the biggest band of all time. These guys have not had a show that wasn't sold out in the last twenty plus years. The Edge pioneered electric guitars, Bono brought great vocal skill to the table, and all of them collaborated on the lyrics to make music with heavy, deep meaning.
Rush Canada Spirit of the Radio Not only are all four members of this group extremely talented at their individual instruments, but they all are within the top 50 players of all time in their respective instruments. Neal Peart is by far the number 1 rock drummer of all time, Alex Lifeson regularly ranks in the 20's to 30's of best guitarists of all time, and Geddy Lee is often ranked in the top 5 rock bassits, and is known to play bass, sing, and play synthesizer ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Fantastic.
Coldplay UK Fix You Coldplay has always been more on the ethereal or electronic side, making them an acquired taste. However they find the line between popular and beautiful music, and they ride the line to make beautiful, popular music. I love these guys.
Michael Jackson Indiana Man in the Mirror It's Michael Jackson. The guy was possibly the best musician of our time. What more can be said?

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