My Three Favorite Places Ever!

Krakow Rynek

City Center and Mall
This is the market in the city square.Krakow's city square is the largest in Poland, the third largest in all of Europe, and the largest medieval city square in the world. This square dates all the way back to 1257AD, while the city itself was first mentioned by name in documents back in 965AD. Within a short walk you can visit the former Jewish Ghetto, and riding the bus or tram will take you to Oskar Schindler's Factory. A longer bus ride or train will take you to the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Walterville, Oregon

McKenzie River
Walterville, Oregon, is where my family calls home. This picture is of the McKenzie River, which is famous for its steelhead fishing, and located right behind my house. Our yard has a huge chicken coop, a large garden, several fruit trees, a pool, a trampoline, and even a zipline that my dad and I put up last summer. My parents are trying really hard to be the cool grandparents, even though none of us kids are even married yet.

The Mountains of Hawaii

Hawaii Mountain Jungle

The mountains of Hawaii are a place I would love to call home if it didn't mean I would have to become a hermit. I would take a hike over a trip to the beach any day. The trees, the plant life, the animal life, everything. I love walking through nature.

Author: Camron Stockford. Photos by Camron Stockford.   Validate:


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